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The Truth is not a human concept,

tool or weapon used to establish trust, reveal deceit. The Truth is divine in nature, activity and function a beautiful friend to the soul yet a despised mutant to the will of man. It's the active force by which all things exist and have come to be understood. The Truth is the life force behind all things, because all things exist because of it.

The Truth is not the perspective you hold of yourself, not the identity and role you give God, what you feel is right or wrong. The Truth you have defined and accepted as such is in no way limited to those convictions that you hold, in fact there is no Truth in you that has not been given to you. We reject Truth on a regular basis, because we don't understand Truth is not confined to an idea, thought, doctrine, concept, or rule book. The Truth is much broader than you can see, more elaborate than you can experience. The Truth has infinite layers that reveal themselves as they are discovered by the one that seeks and escape from darkness and become enlightened.

For us, Truth is felt before it is heard. It is denied before it is understood, refused entrance into our lives because it can get too real. We want to beautify truth when it’s ugly and fight back when it’s hurtful. Freedom is the gift of Truth but when it is ignored we continue to be oppressed. We eat hearty meals of deception daily, we are malnourished from a deficiency of the good ole stuff. Truth is life giving, submit to it let it do what it feels it needs to do nothing else can be done besides what it is doing. Truth have your way. Won’t Truth do it? Thank you Truth. All praises due to Truth the most high and exalted.

Being exposed to Truth results in enlightenment, and once that occurs you will never be the same; you can either walk in the light or close you eyes trying to avoid Truth but there is no hiding from its presence.

The Truth is unattainable, it is given to us and is discovered only as it reveals itself to the seeker, the one that wishes to be enlightened. We can’t possess it, we can only experience it in small pieces at a time, it is too vast to hold, too powerful to comprehend. The Truth that today is available for you to experience is just one aspect of the reality of today; yet not the Truth in its completeness because for today to exist there had to occur innumerable inevitable events. Those events are infinite because they have eternal consequences and purpose. If we were able see all of these divine events, the will for them, as well as the ultimate outcome at the end of time, (the ultimate agenda of all events) we would be looking at the complete Truth.

People like to say, things change, but things aren't changing, you're simply being exposed to the Truth, you are being enlightened by your discovery of what is True. We have a habit of understanding life as one dimensional, only looking for definitions of life based off what our five senses tell us. Limiting our minds, hearts and spirits according to the confinement of physical identification and religion when Truth transcends the highest human ideas of the self, the mundane, and the divine.

The Truth is the only reality that exist, because all things are dependent upon its legitimacy. The truth is not locked away in your religion, or wrapped up in your God. Because the Truth is more genuine than your religion and too simple to describe God. Religion seeks, and worships Truth, Gods thoughts, if she had what we know as thoughts, would be pure, raw, unrestrained, unmatched, untouched, Truth, Truth in her power, and Truth in his wisdom.


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