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The Path to Destiny

And why you keep going in the wrong direction.

“ Every successful person has a set of directions to where they discovered THEIR success, not yours. Follow your own direction because that route is the only one that leads you to where you will discover your destiny.”

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When I was younger and just starting out driving, I discovered I was not too good with navigation and I frequently got lost rather quickly. One Friday after getting paid, cashing my check, and landing a hot date for later that night, I wanted to hit the mall to get some new gear; needless to say, I got lost. So, I stopped at a gas station and asked for directions to the mall. Do you know how to get to Somerset Mall? I asked. The clerk responded, “oh yes Somerset Mall I’ve been there and can tell you how to get there yourself.”

I thanked her, listened carefully and was on my way. She said to go down 3 rights, make a right, go south on 13 mile road; It started out good but after a while I got lost again. Frustrated and desperate I stopped at a traffic light and asked the guy next to me. He said Somerset Mall oh yes, I’ve been there plenty of times I know just where you’re going. I listened carefully and again I found myself lost again.

After paying attention to where I was and trusting my instinct, I was able to find my destination on my own. The problem with the directions was that everyone told me their own way, the way that worked for them. The clerk at the gas station gave me directions with too many turns because she didn’t like to drive the expressway. The guy at the traffic light in the huge truck had me turn around and go through the neighborhood because he said it saved gas. There was more than one way to get to my destination and I found that my way was the route that worked best for me.

This is the same thing that happens when we listen to successful people direct us to our destiny based on the route they took. The problem is we end up trying to travel the route that led them to their destiny in order to get to our destiny. This will never work; because it only leads to their success and not our own. It’s their path based on the unique experiences and circumstances of their life which can’t be duplicated to produce the same results. The route the clerk shared was based on her fears and driving preferences yet based on that she reached the destination. The route the guy in the huge truck shared was based on him trying to save gas and drive as slow as possible, avoiding stop and go traffic and traffic lights, yet he still reached his destination.

Now, I’m not fearful of expressway driving or trying to drive through neighborhoods to save gas. Just as these routes didn’t work for me neither will their destination work for me either. Listen, your destiny isn’t a place, it’s not a static location or a popular destination that everyone knows how to get to. Destiny / Success is a state of being, a matter of existence, a specific time in reality. Therefore, no man can instruct you how to get there; no one can direct you to its location as if it were a place on a map. Your success will be discovered as you work on what you love. That’s right discovered and not stumbled upon by luck or being instructed on a plan to achieve success. When you do what you love, destiny will be discovered in the middle of that operation of love.

Every successful person has a set of directions to where they discovered THEIR success, not yours. Follow your own direction because that route is the only one that leads you to where you need to be. Take tips from others as to how they navigated their journey, to success but know that they can’t specifically direct you to your destiny; you will have to discover that on your own. Yes, they have witnessed success in their lives and can say they know where it is, but that location is to their success and not your own. They can do nothing but direct you off course, outside and in opposition of the path that leads to your discovery of destiny. It’s yours to discover, own and enjoy.


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