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Waiting on my season of blessing

We tend to think that God issues blessings in seasons. This is very problematic to the way we understand God, divinity and supreme consciousness, We are told we're in the particular season of blessing when we experience a blessing of prosperity, health, abundance, or enlightenment because God releases these blessings exclusively during their season. According to the characteristics of a season; they come and they go; they don't last forever each has its time to be experienced and to dissipate.

A financial breakthrough occurs during a season of financial blessing, and a miracle healing takes place during a season of healing. This is incorrect because we're taking the work of God and limiting it to brief periods in time, the same way we experience Winter Spring Summer and Fall

For example the Winter season is limited in what it can give and how long it lasts; Winter gives us Winter sports, winter holidays, colder weather, ice and snow. You don’t get these things in Summer, Spring or Fall, what the winter has to offer is exclusive to that season.

A season of abundance, occurs exclusively during its season and grants the abundance you don’t get in a season of healing, clarity, revival etc.. available to you is only abundance yet it is limited in how long it lasts.

Understanding seasons of blessing in this manner is based on the belief that a season of blessing runs according to chronological time; Chronos, a linear, measurable, matter of time.

As if God was operating from some type of blessing schedule.

For example; Today God is focusing on the season forgiveness, and from 7-9 the season of miracles, and from Noon to 2 tomorrow its the season for renewal. So when I need a blessing of clarity, will God say, "sorry my son, the season of clarity is not until another 6 months from now."

If we believe God uses various seasons to pour blessings upon us then we handicap God to being either only able or only willing to release certain blessings during those seasons.

Thankfully, God works according to Kairos time - all moments being the perfect opportunity. Every moment something phenomenal can take place, you don't have to look forward to a season of healing to be healed, or a season of prosperity to have financial freedom. The present moment is all that matters and the optimum time for every possible blessing. You never have to wait for a season, every moment has the full power of God radiating in it, all at once, all the time, without limitation.

When we let go of the idea that God operates in limited seasons of blessings we understand God to be capable of being God, limitless, powerful, sovereign, authoritative, generous, providing all that God has all of the time. God doesn't operate in multiple seasons of blessings rather just one; one single endless season that’s occupied by every spiritual blessing available to humanity; this abundant season is called life.

Life is a spiritual gift, and proof that God is with us, and since God is with us, how can we not always be in a perpetual season of spiritual vastness? Therefore, Since life is your season its running on a continuum, right at this moment you are in a multi-facet, limitless, powerful, all-inclusive season of innumerable possibilities.

This means Each moment you have the opportunity to experience all the richness God has to offer you; you don't have to wait on your season of blessing because it's always your season.


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